Do you or your child suffer from sleep apnea?

We can help improve your sleep and your quality of life. Please read an insightful testimonial from one of our patients:

I brought my son, Mehki, 5 to Dr. Kagan as a recommendation from my chiropractor to help with his snoring/sleep apnea caused by his enlarged tonsils and adenoids. We had visited an ENT but after a quick visit they immediately said surgery which I was not going to do since he had no other issues with infections, sore throats or hearing problems. Dr. Kagan has been wonderful throughout this process! Keeping us informed and being accessible for questions and updates whenever we needed! His sleeping has gotten so much better since we started this process using Myobrace. She was also the first to detect his tongue tie and recommended a dentist who would do it. We had the procedure done and it has made a world of difference with my son. We are so grateful for the improved quality of life and rest that this connection with Dr. Kagan and her team has provided!

Nakia F.

Mehki… We are so grateful for the improved quality of life and rest.