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Functional Orthodontics

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What is Functional Orthodontics?

Functional Orthodontics considers the neuro-muscular-skeletal component of changing the oral structure in the body. When we address breathing, sleeping and pain in relation to the configuration of our mouths, it is possible to improve effects of trauma that may have started from birth or even in utero. We see many kids and even adults who simply cannot breathe through their nose. Over time, this affects the shape of their face, the quality of their sleep, even their ability to concentrate. Functional orthodontics affects the root cause of crooked teeth and small jaws to assist the body on its growing trajectory.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics:

  • Addresses growth of the jaw bones
  • Makes room for adult teeth
  • Considers the significance of airway and sleep breathing disorders
  • Concealed appliances when possible
  • Supports healthy brain development in children
  • Addresses underlying neuromuscular habits
  • Addresses headaches and TMJ Disorders
  • Improves posture and energy

Who can benefit from Functional Orthodontics?

Anyone who is willing to put the effort into their own well-being can benefit from functional orthodontics. Because this philosophy uses light pressure or support to do its work, it is vital that the individual is involved in retraining the body’s own intelligence healing system. Different modalities are used not only to expedite but assist in integrating the process into information that the whole body can use to move forward in healthy function. Cranial osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, myofunctional therapy, and breathing exercises help the individual reach their goals by addressing the neuro-muscular-skeletal component of treatment.

Goals of Treatment

Goals of treatment include reconnecting tongue function, lip seal, proper swallow and nasal breathing so the body’s rehabilitated function assists the growth and expansion of the jaws, alignment of the teeth, remediation of head and neck pain, and deep rest.

Types of Dental Appliances Used In Treatment:

Advanced Lightforce Functional orthodontics used in conjunction with osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, myofunctional therapy.

removable silicon mouthguard type appliances worn at night and 2 hours during the day practiced with quick, manageable daily activities.

Fast acting cemented expanders which affect the bone around the teeth versus opening the midpalatal suture.

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Dr. Kagan’s goal is to restore optimal anatomical function

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