Sleep Disordered Breathing? Stellar Dental Care can Help!

Does your child exhibit symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing such as mouth breathing, snoring, fatigue, congestion, ear infections, ADHD or bed wetting? You may be a candidate for an evaluation of facial growth! Call for a consult with Dr. Kagan at Stellar Dental Care today!

“My daughter suffered from severe snoring, chronic congestion, frequent ear infections and fatigue.  We worked closely with her pediatrician but were unable to identify an effective solution. During a routine visit with Dr. Kagan I shared some of the issues my daughter was having and Dr. Kagan felt that her Craniofacial Evaluation may lead to a solution. I immediately scheduled an Evaluation with her and was very pleased with the experience! We moved forward and participated in Dr. Kagan’s treatment plan which included my daughter wearing a dental appliance.  My husband and I are thrilled with the outcomes and feel the results have extended well beyond our expectations.  Within 2 months I noticed that my daughter no longer snored at night. She doesn’t wake complaining about a sore throat and the dark circles under her eyes are gone.   She received the appliance in October and went through her first winter without chronic congestion or having an ear infection! Even her teacher identified improvement in my daughters ability to focus while at school. In addition to my daughter feeling better, her teeth are no longer crowded. Dr. Kagan was amazing throughout the whole process and clearly has a passion and deep knowledge for this field. I cannot recommend her enough to any parents who have children experiencing similar struggles.”

Kim H 

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