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We’ve Been Pleased by the Response to Our TMJ and Sleep Apnea Services

Makala…She no longer suffers from jaw pain, headaches, dizziness… I actively researched and sought out someone local who would be willing to help my daughter and specialized in dental devices. That search led me to Dr. Julia Kagan who has worked hand-in-hand with specialists around the world who have used the ALF device successfully, as well as with myofunctional therapists. In the year’s time of my daughters treatment, we have seen such amazing changes not only in Makayla’s appearance, but in her overall health. Makayla’s overbite has improved tremendously. She no longer suffers from jaw pain, headaches, and dizziness. Her scoliosis has been corrected and her shoulders are now even. Dr. Kagan has worked with us through the entire process and we cannot thank her enough for her willingness to take Makayla on as a patient. – Melissa B.

Evelyn…no longer snoring at night. This treatment has exceeded our expectations… My daughter no longer snores at night. She doesn’t wake complaining about a sore throat and the dark circles under her eyes are gone.
This was our first winter free of ear infections and chronic congestion! School has been easier for her and her teachers have recognized the difference in her ability to focus. This treatment has exceeded our expectations. – Kimberly H

Mehki… We are so grateful for the improved quality of life and rest… My 5 year old son suffered from sleep apnea. Dr. Kagan has been wonderful throughout this process! Keeping us informed and being accessible for questions and updates whenever we needed! His sleeping has gotten so much better since we started this treatment. She was also the first to detect his tongue tie and recommended a dentist who would do it. We had the procedure done and it has made a world of difference with my son. We are so grateful for the improved quality of life and rest that this connection with Dr. Kagan and her team has provided! – Nakia F.

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