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Holistic Treatment of TMJ

Holistic Treatment of TMJ

TMJ Disorder, It Doesn’t Have to Be a Hard Pill to Swallow
By Julia Kagan, DDS

Is TMD treatment a hard pill to swallow? In short the answer is that it doesn’t need to be. Once a diagnosis of TMJ Disorder is made there are many potential treatments and self care recommendations that assist you on your road to recovery and well being.

An oral appliance is the first line of defense against a jaw imbalance and a narrowed airway. It may be all you need to regain normal function and restored well being.

In addition to an oral appliance, physical therapy helps realign associated structures which have lost mobility. Nutritional counseling with a Functional Medicine doctor can further assess systemic concerns as you begin to unravel your condition. Postural training and adequate exercise or conditioning can develop core muscles that give you support to stay comfortable throughout your day.

Acupuncture allows your body the rest and relaxation it needs to initiate its natural healing capabilities. A brief amount of meditation can relax the nervous system to allow for calm and gentle breathing.

Natural remedies also help. A small amount of olive oil applied inside the nose before bedtime decrease air flow resistance allowing more oxygen to reach tissue cells. Magnesium oil is recommended for tense muscles, digestion and insomnia.

Which modalities are right for you? That all depends in the specific symptoms that you present with and what you and your health care practitioner decide are best suited for you on your journey to health and well-being.

There are alternatives to medication for your chronic pain. Whenyour body is in balance and well nourished, you breath, sleep and function properly. Minor physical adjustments and body awareness can make major shifts in the way that you feel on a daily basis.

Your best course of action begins with a good education.
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