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Implant Secured Snap-In Lower Dentures

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Snap-In dentures are the new standard for teeth replacement!

Many denture users struggle to keep their dentures secure, particularly in the lower jaw. If you have this problem, you already know of the embarrassment of slipping dentures, not being able to eat the foods that you love and the problems with denture adhesives.


With increased comfort and less gum irritation, Snap-In Dentures, along with dental implants…

  • are stable. You can even bite into an apple or enjoy that steak again!
  • restore proper chewing, allowing for a better diet.
  • can improve your speech and confidence.
  • eliminate the problems and inconveniences of denture adhesives
  • preserve your jaw bone and stops bone loss associated with denture wearing.

Am I a Candidate For Lower Snap-In Dentures?

Every patient is different and patient results may vary. Only a trained clinician, such as your Stellar Dental Care Professional, can choose the best treatment plan for you.

Snap-In, Lower Denture Packages From Stellar Dental Care

Packages Starting at $5300
Consultation, All Necessary Extractions, Required Sedation, Grafts, Implant Placement, All Healing Caps, Interim Denture (may use existing), New Denture with Precision Attachments, Denture Fitting, Follow up Visit.

Replacement of an Existing Snap-In Denture

Packages Starting at $2100
Consultation, New Denture with Precision Attachments, Denture Fitting, Follow up Visit.

Note: Because of individual requirements, additional services may be needed and are subject to additional costs. Prices listed here are subject to change without notice.

Talk with your Stellar Dental Care Professional for complete details.

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