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You Can Get Straighter Teeth, the Natural Way with Myobrace

Myobrace® provides for natural growth and development through focusing on the underlying causes of crooked teeth. The Myobrace appliance is a removable silicone mouthguard, and it allows jaws to grow to the proper form by helping correct the resting tongue position. Along with straightening the jaw and teeth, Myobrace improves facial development and the way that the patient breathes. Additionally, the appliance corrects other bad oral habits that have developed.

How often should the patient wear their Myobrace appliance? Myobrace is to be worn during the night while sleeping, plus an additional one to two hours every day. In order to receive the best results, compliance and routine are key during the treatment.

Here at Stellar Dental, we offer Myobrace for kids and Myobrace for adults in Buffalo. Our experienced professionals are waiting to help you get started!

Our Buffalo, New York Myobrace Treatment Stages

In most cases, there are four stages of implementing Myobrace for kids: habit correction, arch development, dental alignment, and retention.

  • Stage 1 – Habit Correction – This first stage with Myobrace for kids focuses on correcting oral habits that have caused crooked teeth and incorrect jaw growth. This stage is critical in teaching the patient to breathe properly through their nose, rest their tongue in the correct position, and swallow correctly. Additionally, this stage will help the patient keep their lips together when they’re not speaking or eating.
  • Stage 2 – Arch Development – While learning to correct their bad habits, arch development may be required to help make room for the teeth and tongue by widening the upper jaw with the Myobrace appliance.
  • Stage 3 – Dental Alignment – During this stage, it is crucial for the patient to comply and stick to a routine. The Myobrace appliances must be worn every day and night.
  • Stage 4 – Retention – The goal of the final stage of the Myobrace treatment is to verify that good oral habits are being maintained. With the completion of the four stages, the treatment is able to help improve overall health while teaching children about proper dietary habits.

When it comes to Myobraces for adults in Buffalo, New York, the treatment is a little different and only feature three stages. Nevertheless, the Myobrace procedure for adults is just as effective at treating the poor habits that have developed over time.

  • Stage 1, A1 – Habit Correction – The goal of the first stage of Myobrace for adults is to help with correcting the poor oral habits of the patient while still allowing the patient to be comfortable.
  • Stage 2, A2 – Arch Expansion and Habit Correction – This stage is more forceful with aligning the teeth and helps move the teeth and jaw to their proper positions.
  • Stage 3, A3 – Final Alignment and Retention – This is the third and final stage of Myobraces for adults, which promotes proper alignment and finalizes the arch form and jaw development.

By completing either Myobrace treatments, patients who use the Myobrace appliances will be able to effectively correct poor oral habits and treat their jaw development problems.

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