Overcoming Fear of the Dentist: Causes and Treatments

Conquering the Fear of Going to the Dentist

For some people, going to the dentist can be a terrifying experience. Even though it’s important for dental health, many individuals feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. While there are many causes for this fear, there are also treatments available for those who suffer from dental phobia. Let’s take a closer look at how you can overcome your fear of going to the dentist.

What Causes Fear Of The Dentist?

The most common cause of fear of the dentist is bad experiences from childhood. If a person had a negative experience with a dental procedure or was scolded by a doctor at an early age, they may develop an aversion to visiting the dentist altogether. Other causes include pain or discomfort due to past procedures, embarrassment over poor oral hygiene, and fears of injections or needles.

Treatments To Overcome Fear Of The Dentist

One way to ease your fears is by talking openly with your dentist about your concerns prior to any procedures being done. You should also ask questions so that you can have all of your worries addressed in advance. Additionally, many dentists offer sedation dentistry as an option to help patients relax during their visit. This type of treatment utilizes medication and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in order to help patients remain calm throughout their appointment. Finally, you can also practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization prior to and during your appointment in order to stay relaxed and comfortable while at the dentist office.


Fear of going to the dentist is very common among adults but it doesn’t have to keep you from getting necessary dental care! There are treatments available that will help you conquer your fear so that you can maintain good oral health without feeling anxious or uncomfortable. If you struggle with dental anxiety, talk openly with your dentist and take advantage of sedation dentistry options if they are available at your office. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way towards conquering your fear of going to the dentist!