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The importance of oral health stretches far beyond having a beautiful smile. Your teeth and mouth can tell you a lot more about your overall health than you think. Regular dental cleaning is essential to oral health.

At Stellar Dental, we are proud to offer both hygiene cleaning and periodontal deep cleaning, in addition to many other services and cosmetic procedures.

Preventative Care with Hygiene Cleaning

In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth at home on a twice-daily basis, routine hygiene cleaning performed by your dentist is essential to oral health as well. It is recommended that hygiene cleaning is done one to two times a year to remove plaque buildup and ensure you have a healthy mouth.

At Stellar Dental Care, our dentists will perform key care and preventative techniques, including:

Periodontal Deep Cleaning

The process of periodontal cleaning is similar to regular hygiene cleaning; however, periodontal deep cleaning is performed to address existing oral problems and for those with periodontal disease. Periodontal cleaning is performed with the goal of stopping the disease from progressing further.

In addition to plaque and tartar removal that is performed during hygiene cleaning, the dentist will also reach further in between the teeth and down under the gums to clean out any diseased tissue. This is the process of root planing and scaling teeth. During your periodontal cleaning, if there are any areas of inflammation or infection in the pockets of the gums, the dentist will flush the areas out with disinfectant.

Regularly scheduled hygiene cleaning increases your chances of never acquiring periodontal disease and needing a periodontal deep cleaning.

Insurance Coverage for Hygiene Cleaning and Periodontal Cleaning

Most insurance plans will cover the cost of preventative hygiene cleaning; however, since periodontal cleaning is a more complex process and outside of general preventative care, your insurance company may only cover a portion of the cost.

Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance provider to see if periodontal deep cleaning is covered with your plan.

Other Services from Stellar Dental

Sometimes going to the dentist means more than engaging in just general dentistry like hygiene cleaning. In addition to hygiene and periodontal cleaning, Stellar Dental is proud to offer a variety of services that can assess many oral issues. These services include:

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